New Old Photos

I recently came across a box of 30 rolls of film that my mom had collected and never developed all between 12 and 15 years old. I wasn't sure what would be on them, or if the film was even still good but I couldn't toss them with out finding out. I fully expected nothing to develop but was pleasantly surprised with the result. The colors were faded but all of the rolls turned out - some with a nice vintage coloring.

Some events I had seen photos of since this was during the transition between film and digital (digital meaning the photos were put on a floppy disk) but some were new and I now have these new old photos to treasure.

I also came across an old box Polaroid camera - that still works! It's such a neat form of photography and for a while the film wasn't available so I was happy to learn about The Impossible Film Project, a company that is producing new instant film materials for Polaroid cameras. I am very excited to order some and use this camera!
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