Friday, May 20, 2011


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I used to be quite spill prone. But now, seeing as I'm a grown-up, I can say I am completely past the point in my life... yeah right. Ok, so I am still spill prone. I don't know why but if there is something spillable you might want to keep it away from me. I can remember some very specific incidences from the past eight years and two from the past two days.

Tramatic spilling incidences:

Orange Gatorade - in the passengers seat of my now husbands jeep, right around the time we started dating.

Ice cream sundae - at his house, on the carpet, around the same time.

Glass of milk - at his parent's house quite a few years later. I spilled it on their table, near where the leaf goes in, so it ran right through that crack straight to the floor.

Dr. Pepper - there was a period of a few months where every bottle I touched exploded. Never at my house, only at someone else's.

A drink in Vegas - at the Wynn (of course at the fancy place). I dropped it and the glass landed perfectly straight up on the floor but the drink splashed all the way to my face.

Water/soda at my desk - three times now I've given my keyboard, mouse, phone and monitor base a nice little bath. Maybe I should try harder to keep the lid on.

Ice cream - in a coworkers car after a warning that I was going to spill and me insisting I would be fine.

I know there's more but these are my favorites. :)


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