Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 Spring Fashion Trends

I would consider myself fashionable but it generally takes a while before I can accept a trend and most of the time when I finally do it's on the way out! I was checking out trends for the spring and I'm feeling a few of them but Belt Purses (aka fanny packs) on their way back in? I don't know about that one. A positive would be the utility - not having to carry something on your shoulder or risk setting down your wristlet but how do you make it look fashionable? Apparently if you wear it on a cute belt and wear it high on your waist you are good to go! I may design a few of these and see how that goes!

60's Style Skirts & Dresses
Wide Leg Pants

70's Glam
Bell Bottoms
Belt Purses

Tail Hem Dresses
Crochet and Macrame


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