Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White dishes are amazing

{via Fish Food Blog}
We always had decorative and colored dishes growing up so naturally when I bought my own I wanted the exact opposite. I loved the price when I bought them and now I've grown to love them for other reasons:

1. They are easy to match. It's easy to add on to your set with one off pieces, serveware and baking dishes that will all match. I bought my original dishes at Ikea very inexpensively and have added on with pieces bought at Target, Ross, World Market and Pier One. They aren't the same shape or style but they look great together.

2. They are versatile. We use them everyday and for special occasions so there is no need to have another set that sits in the cupboard 362 days a year. It's easy to bring color and seasonality in with linens napkin holders or other table decorations.

3. They are a blank canvas. I love how neat and clean white dishes look! They don't steal any thunder by detracting from your yummy edibles.

It may be strange to love my everyday white dishes but I do!


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