Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Relaunch 2011

Planning my husband and I's wedding this past year was an exciting and exhausting project that left little time for other personal projects. I loved the process and the crafts that went along with it but missed sewing so after a 12 month hiatus I am once again able to focus on creating Tweedle Twill handmade bags.

When I launched Tweedle Twill in October of 2009 I had a few designs but not much of a plan. This "relaunch" will be much more focused. I plan to have a collection of bags created with specific color and fabric combinations. I pledge to myself to not buy fabric on a whim and to only shop for supplies with a list. Of course I'm still allowed to shop for inspiration but just not buy willy nilly. Also with the "relaunch" I have created this site to blog about my projects and post inspirational tid bits.


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Where to Shop

Tweedle Twill products can be found at and occasionally at local craft shows in the Phoenix area.