Silhouette Cameo Machine

I am so excited to have gotten this amazing machine for Christmas from my husband. It's uses are almost unlimited and what's especially great is that you can cut your own designs and are not limited to cartridges or patterns you have to purchase (although they have some nice templates available.) My first few attempts did not cut completely through the paper but after making a few adjustments I got it to work. It is a bit noisy but very easy to use, quick and makes nice clean cuts.
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At the beginning of the month I created a few of these paper balls from the pattern provided by How About Orange and cut each of the pieces by hand and then tried one with the Cameo... what a difference! It can cut a variety of different materials: paper and cardstock, adhesive vinyl, fabric, heat transfer material, rhinestone templates and other specialty media like see through stencil material. I'm looking forward to some new projects in 2012 with this machine!
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Rockin' the silly Christmas traditions

Two new cards just in time for the holidays. Something a little different. I don't own any antlers but I have enough holiday socks to wear a different pair this entire month of December.

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Vacation Keepsake Jars

 I came across this on Martha Stewart's website today and thought it was a lovely idea! It's a great way to keep and display trinkets that you pick up on vacations or special event days.
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New Old Photos

I recently came across a box of 30 rolls of film that my mom had collected and never developed all between 12 and 15 years old. I wasn't sure what would be on them, or if the film was even still good but I couldn't toss them with out finding out. I fully expected nothing to develop but was pleasantly surprised with the result. The colors were faded but all of the rolls turned out - some with a nice vintage coloring.

Some events I had seen photos of since this was during the transition between film and digital (digital meaning the photos were put on a floppy disk) but some were new and I now have these new old photos to treasure.

I also came across an old box Polaroid camera - that still works! It's such a neat form of photography and for a while the film wasn't available so I was happy to learn about The Impossible Film Project, a company that is producing new instant film materials for Polaroid cameras. I am very excited to order some and use this camera!
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I used to be quite spill prone. But now, seeing as I'm a grown-up, I can say I am completely past the point in my life... yeah right. Ok, so I am still spill prone. I don't know why but if there is something spillable you might want to keep it away from me. I can remember some very specific incidences from the past eight years and two from the past two days.

Tramatic spilling incidences:

Orange Gatorade - in the passengers seat of my now husbands jeep, right around the time we started dating.

Ice cream sundae - at his house, on the carpet, around the same time.

Glass of milk - at his parent's house quite a few years later. I spilled it on their table, near where the leaf goes in, so it ran right through that crack straight to the floor.

Dr. Pepper - there was a period of a few months where every bottle I touched exploded. Never at my house, only at someone else's.

A drink in Vegas - at the Wynn (of course at the fancy place). I dropped it and the glass landed perfectly straight up on the floor but the drink splashed all the way to my face.

Water/soda at my desk - three times now I've given my keyboard, mouse, phone and monitor base a nice little bath. Maybe I should try harder to keep the lid on.

Ice cream - in a coworkers car after a warning that I was going to spill and me insisting I would be fine.

I know there's more but these are my favorites. :)
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Dabbling in Fabric Design

I've known about Spoonflower for a while but hadn't really gotten involved until now! I just received a swatch book of the types of fabric they can print on and am excited to create some custom fabrics that are exclusive to Tweedle Twill and my projects.

I also entered a design in this past weeks challenge. Every week they have a contest themed around something different that people can vote on. I feel like participating in those can be a pretty cool creative exercise as well as a way to get better at putting together repeating patterns.
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